New Futures welcome Part-Time Facilities Coordinator

As the Executive Director, I am excited to announce an addition to the New Futures staff in the form of our new part-time Facilities Coordinator, Joshua Young. Josh and his family moved to the Huntsville area around six years ago. He and his wife, Gale, have four children. They became familiar with New Futures after finding themselves homeless and in a difficult situation due to a battle with cancer that he endured and won. New Futures allowed them to keep their family together while working to return to stable living. While living at New Futures they served as the House Managers and did an amazing job of helping others and myself. Once Josh returned to full time employment, the family rented a duplex in a nearby community and have continued to volunteer at New Futures. We are very excited to bring Josh on staff to help ensure that the facilities of New Futures are maintained in safe, sanitary, and secure manner. Josh’s experience as House Manager will help train future residents who take on that role and offer encouragement to all in the shelter on a peer to peer level that will be unprecedented. It is incredibly special to me to have Josh join the staff. He was the House Manager when I was hired in June 2017. I can honestly say that much of my own success at New Futures is the result of his help and support as I transitioned into the Executive Director role. It is my sincere pleasure today to welcome him back as a colleague.

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