I Work More Than 40 Hours A Week And I’m Homeless – Documentary

We hope you enjoy this production highlighting the family from New Futures. New Futures is unique because of its focus on keeping families together. Most homeless shelters do not allow this important component to stabilization. Most shelters focus on serving individual men, women, or women with children (excluding those women with teenage sons.)

Homelessness can happen to anyone as 7 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck.

At New Futures, keeping the family together allows less trauma, faster stabilization, and greater growth. Sadly, New Futures is only a 13 room facility and is always full with a very long waiting list. There are families just like Bethany and Houston that are living in their car because of the lack of family shelter in Huntsville and across America.

You don’t hear nearly as much about family homelessness because people are often silent, fearful they may face losing their children if anyone finds out. It’s real though and you might be surprised by those it touches. It knows no racial, educational, or religious boundaries and is happening in a culture where we claim family is one of our most important values.

Learn more about the work of New Futures to keep families together during times of homelessness and to help them return to stability at www.newfuturesinc.com or by contacting Executive Director, Tayna Rains at (256)929-3215 to find out how you can help.

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